Scouting programs are offered one free night of camping and Camp Lily’s rental in exchange for a service project.




  • Install about 10 signs, post-hole dig and place these already made signs into the ground.
  • Have a special talent, passion or trade that would be a good fit for a Nature Center, volunteer to be the presenter at an event.
  • Special Skills – Plumbing, electrical, construction, heating/cooling systems, graphic design, and grant writing.
  • Make Bird Houses – we also have birdhouses that need repairing and put back up – birdhouses, bats, ducks, etc.
  • Construction Projects – chicken coop built – larger bunny cage – secured fencing for Goats and Miss Piggy.
  • Painting – outside (benches, picnic tables, bridges, etc).
  • Build a mailbox post out of log: Put into ground, with a mailbox.
  • Build a playground for children out of recycled materials (old tires, etc) – wood carving of animals that are children friendly (small four legged animals, turtle carvings to play on, and more).
  • Check out our playground so far, we have a lot of new items.
  • Sandbox built for reptiles and children.
  • Paint Benches
  • Clean up/Weed Removal at South Lake Learning Circle
  • Clear Amphitheater
  • Paint Amphitheater benches
  • Paint/Repair Tadpole Pond Boardwalk
  • Clean out Memorial Springs reflecting pools
  • Repair board walks and rails (primarily Thunderwood swamp area)
  • Clear trails(remove fallen trees, leaf/pine needle removal, lop trees, line with large logs)
  • Paint “playground” equipment
  • Clean animal pens
  • Make and replace informational signs and arboretum trail signs
  • Plant Flowers (we prefer Michigan Natives, perennials and flower pots
  • Help clean, feed and water animals
  • Rake leaves and clean up bird seed around Interpretive Center
  • Children Safe play equipment
  • Cut and Stack firewood
  • Repair/replace shelf feeders
  • Lay new mulch
  • Wash windows
  • Janitorial help (especially after rentals)
  • Volunteer to answer phones for a day
  • General Cleaning (bathrooms, kitchen, counters, tables, rugs)
  • Lead an event
  • Help us attain a tow behind leaf vac
  • Set up displays in the interpretive center
  • Donate animal food, straw or hay
  • Help build our animal resource center Volunteer
  • Build and place birdhouses
  • Trailblazing a new trail
  • Donate animal cages, aquariums and habitat supplies
  • Clean track boxes
  • Donate Wood pellets, or help pay our propane bill
  • Design and remodel’s for upcoming projects
  • Donate gravel
  • Build a “screen room” at our Interpretive building entrance
  • Bring a child to visit
  • Make new signs
  • Repair animals fencing
  • Build new animal enclosure
  • Install a Split Rail Fence around play area
  • Donate books to our library
  • Build/donate furniture for our study room
  • Help build, till, weed our organic garden and pumpkin patch (coming soon)


  • Janitorial services in general (about 5 days a week), mopping, sweeping, dusting, window washing.
  • Secretarial help/Reception – Greet visitors, answer phone calls, give building tours and assist helping maintain our gift shop
  • Grant Writer


  • Cleaning of animal homes Indoors and Outdoors
  • Clean out of our cascading fountain
  • Trash pickup along Red Pine Drive as HCNC is the sponsor of a two mile stretch
  • Rock cleaning as we have birdseed build up from the feeding our birds in front of the building where rocks are that help drainage from the roof


  • Grounds & Maintenance
  • Trail trimming, trimming limbs – lopping branches from trail ways
  • Building repairs
  • Painting
  • Re-lining trails with large logs – this task is ongoing
  • Painting – outside (benches, picnic tables, bridges, etc)
  • Boardwalk repairs
  • Fallen tree clean up
  • Updating signage
  • Help clear out invasive species (killing poison ivy, etc)
  • Clean up of tree trimmings
  • Camper fire-pit clean out – Fireplace clean out
  • Drain gutters need cleaning


  • Raking leaves
  • Snowplowing or snow-blowing – scrape snow from our sidewalks
  • Splitting wood.
  • Bring in wood for the winter.
  • Bring in logs for the winter – need a chainsaw operated – we could save a lot of money by heating with our lovely fireplace.


  • Gardening – Watering, weeding, planting, picking of vegetable & cleaning for cultivate ground/till. We will be growing sunflowers, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, and other tasty foods for our animals to enjoy year round.
  • Summer Day Camp – Junior Counselors
  • Garden plowing, clearing of land and bringing good dirt to a particular spot for our upcoming garden


For volunteer opportunities please contact us.

Visit Us!
16190 Red Pine Dr. Kent City, MI 49330
(616) 675-3158

Admission Fee
Non-Members: $3/person
Members: FREE

Interpretive Center Hours
Mon-Thurs: Closed
Fri – Sun: 11am – 4pm
Hiking all days during daylight hours


Visit Us!
16190 Red Pine Dr. Kent City, MI 49330
(616) 675-3158

Admission Fee
Non-Members: $3/person
Members: FREE

Interpretive Center Hours
Mon-Thurs: Closed
Fri - Sun: 11am - 4pm

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